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Since you asked for a critque, I shall give you one.
This one, is not very appealing..
If you are trying to go for realism, study anatomy, look at bodies, look at your own body! Even if you want to go to "anime" style. I still suggest you still look at anatomy.
On to the vision, it is very clear that your oc and raven from teen titans kissing.
Originality: Not very original since there is already 1000+ of ocs kissing a character from a series. I also suggest you kinda change your ocs name to something else then "Quickwing" cause it sounds like a rip-off to "Nightwing." Sadly, I have no name suggestions at the moment.
Technique: Err, I don't know what program you used but to me, you should take a slower pace when you are drawing/colouring, there's white spots that are noticeable. If you are using a mouse or tablet. Take time to finish your lines. If you look at my art, its because I haven't uploaded in a few weeks. Yet its a-okay with a third grader. :) Also, avoid gradient backgrounds. Infact, gradient EVERYTHING. When most people use gradient in art, it doesn't really look pretty.
Impact: This piece did not make me "wow".
4 out of 4 deviants thought this was fair.


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